In this series of articles I will try to put different points of view in order to generate an exchange of ideas and in this way we can reach common points that allow us to move forward faster. Transhumanism according to Wikipedia can be defined as “An international cultural and intellectual movement that has the ultimate goal of transforming the human condition through the development and manufacture of widely available technologies that improve human capabilities both physically, psychologically or intellectually.”

First of all, it is a global cultural and intellectual movement that wants to promote human transformation. This is very understandable given that in general all movement seeks to make a change either in the Human Being or its environment. This change seeks to be carried out through technology adapted to the human Being.

Here arises the natural question of millions of people. Where does this adaptation start and where does it end? Does this mean significantly affecting human nature? Will there be implants that change the phenotype of people? As well as the previous ones, hundreds of questions and doubts may arise that need to be clarified.

This is not an easy task because in the field of futurology much of what is debated is speculation. This gives rise to various positions within this new cultural current. From the most conservative who have serious doubts about interfering in the evolution of the Human Being for reasons of a spiritual or religious nature. Even those who say or think of an absolute change reaching a posthuman being who will have almost nothing of what we know today as human nature.

In this wide range of positions moves the world that reaches the humanism that has existed, the transhumanism that is the process of transition to a different human being, reaching the post humanism in which some believe human nature will be surpassed as we know it today. Page break How to achieve minimum agreements in this wide range of positions.

The only way is to achieve concrete results that determine what is possible and what is not, as well as what are the personal and social effects that this will have. At this point, I consider it appropriate to coin a new term in this conversation, which is the digital Concertación. This is when a collaboration agreement between parties occurs. In this case, for the benefit of all, a discussion and agreement on relevant issues within Transhumanism is required. At the moment two great tendencies can be seen within transhumanist thought.

One of them is the singularity, which is headed by Raymond Kurzweil who with his proposal for a law of accelerated yields proposes that by the middle of this century technology and especially Artificial Intelligence will widely surpass the Human being.

The second is not headed by someone, it is private, but it represents forces that refuse to accept the changes that technology produces in human beings. Here you can find radical religious groups, sects and supremacy groups of different kinds. Let us hope for the good of all that DIGITAL CONVERGENCE is the prevailing current to reach a point of benefit for all humanity.

Digital Convergence.

Jorge Arriaza

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